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Introducing EzImport

Importing packages with Roarn may be annoying with constant going back and fourth to roarn_modules which is why we created something called EzImport.

What is EzImport?

EzImport is a light bundled package that comes with Roarn initialized projects to maximize your workspace when importing items. Using EzImport itself won't require that much of an effort with our VSCode extension which we will touch on more later.

Install EzImport

Didn't initialize your project with Roarn? That's alright, you can still install Roarn Tools easily.

roarn install roarn_tools

ur done

How to use EzImport?

To use EzImport you will have to first require it with the Roarn module on roarn_modules.

This is as simple as doing this:

local import = require(game.ReplicatedStorage.roarn_modules.Roarn)

local roarnInitials = import("roarnInitials")

Its as simple as that!

Okay, but now you may think that its annoying to always require the Roarn module right?

Thats where our VSCode extension come in.

Using VSCode with EzImport

With our VSCode extension you can start typing import on a Luau file and it will already fill it out for you!