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Lets learn how to install the Roarn CLI so you can get going creating games, and packages with Roarn.

Installing Node.js

Installing the Roarn CLI which will allow you to initialize, publish and add packages to the Roarn registry will require Node.js version 15+.

To install Node.js you can go to their website.

After Installing Node.js

After you have finished installing Node.js successfully you will now have access to npm which is Node.js' package manager.

To install the Roarn CLI run:

npm install --global roarn

After that you will have access to the roarn command.

Run roarn --help to learn all of Roarn's commands.

VSCode Extension

We have a VSCode Extension on alpha right now. It may have bugs, but it can improve your workspace in many ways!

Install Extension

Roblox Plugin

We are in the works for our Roblox plugin that connects with Roarn directly expanding our limits. We'll keep you updated when released.